It's spooky.

New Jersey is full of abandoned towns, creepy things to do, and even some paranormal places.

Growing up in New Jersey, you hear tales about weird places like The Devil's Tree, Gravity Hill, and the most haunted road: Clinton Road.  They're supposedly all haunted.

Out of these places, the only one I've been to is The Devil's Tree, which is in Basking Ridge.  The backstory is that it's allegedly a place where people were hung from, so it's haunted.  Legend has it, that you're not supposed to touch the tree, otherwise, some harm will come to you.

When my friends and I visited late one night in college, I wasn't brave enough to touch the tree.  I think one of my other friends did.  Thankfully, he's okay - as far as I know.

If you thought The Devil's Tree was spooky, wait until you hear about Clinton Road in West Milford.

Weird NJ explains that Clinton Road is allegedly haunted by a ghost boy who likes to play games with visitors.  For example, if you throw coins in the river, he'll give them back to you.

Per Weird NJ, Clinton Road is home to Cross Castle which burned down years ago.  Allegedly dark groups like to gather at the castle, so you're warned to stay in your car whenever you're driving in the area,  I don't know how much of that I believe, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Would you be brave enough to drive down Clinton Road?  And if you've ever done it, do you have any creepy stories to share?

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