Some think of the SSN All-Shore Gridiron Classic as the last high school football game of last season since the players were seniors then and just graduated last month.  However it comes seven months after the final game was played in 2021 and less than two months before a new season will begin.

I kind of look at it both ways and it really doesn’t matter because it’s back for the first time since 2019.  Organized by the Shore Football Coaches Foundation the 43rd annual edition will once again match some of the top players from Ocean and Monmouth County as they battle one another in a true summer tradition at the shore.

Certainly things have changed over the years as football has become more of a 12-month sport.  Players who were heavily recruited are already off to college or will just sit on the sidelines and not take a chance at an injury.  However there will be 80 young men on the football field at Brick Township High School Wednesday night who will try very hard to win the last game they will ever play representing their high school.

Monmouth County not only leads the overall series 23-18-1 they have won the last three meetings and will once again rate the role of favorite for what that’s worth.  They have an experienced Hall of Fame coach in Steve Antonucci of Middletown South while young Jarrett Pidgeon of Central has the honor of coaching the Ocean County squad.

But none of that matters.  What does is the fact the game is back and our Shore Sports Network is thrilled to help put it on with thanks to our sponsors including Jersey Mike’s and The U.S. Army.  We will also live stream the game on with yours truly on the broadcast along with Matt Harmon and Vin Ebenau.

I’ll have more tomorrow.  Tickets are $10 and will be sold at the gate tomorrow with kickoff scheduled for 7pm.

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