Get ready take a refreshing sip of something new coming to Mount Laurel this summer!

Chaava, a shop specializing in boba tea, smoothies and desserts, is coming to Mount Laurel! The tea and smoothie shop will take over the storefront of the now-closed Smoothie King at the Village at Cambridge Crossing shopping center, according to Facebook community page 'A View from Evesham'.

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This place looks like it's going to be so cool! According to the post, the shop is owned by the same owners as Bhan Thai, a Thai-fusion restaurant located in the same shopping center!

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The new cafe will offer delicious boba tea, bubble tea, smoothies, and desserts like cake, waffles and more. And we won't have to wait too much longer before they open. According to the post, the owners plan on opening for business in July! So far there's no word on an exact opening date.

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This looks like it's going to be the perfect spot to check out when you're looking for a refreshing taste of something sweet! And it's in perfect walking distance of Bhan Thai, so you can easily grab a delicious beverage after enjoying a meal at the restaurant.

Hopefully everything progresses smoothly so they can stick to their hopeful July opening. Are you looking forward to Chaava coming to Mount Laurel? We'll keep our eyes out for their official opening date and a website! Can't wait!

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