Researchers have found that people in New Jersey really, really like to spend time in the bathroom.

And you thought you had a crappy job...

In looking at the post-pandemic lifestyle of Americans, American Freight commissioned a national survey that asked over 3,000 people from every state to estimate their weekly hours spent at home -- specifically, how much time people spent in each room of their house.

So how did New Jersey fare?

First, think of how you spend your day and week. How much time do you spend watching TV in your living room? What about eating in your kitchen? Are you always on the run or do you have a lot of downtime? You're probably not home as much as you think you are.


According to this survey, the average person in New Jersey spends 4 hours and 21 minutes in their bedroom per week not sleeping.

I guess "not sleeping" could involve any number of activities..........

Mornings with my real love are special for me

On either side of us, those in Pennsylvania spent 4 hours and 40 minutes in theirs while New Yorkers had one of the higher times in the country at 5 hours and 40 minutes.

Living room

The amount of time people spend in their living rooms here isn't very large at all -- only about 2 1/2 hours per week. That is the least amount of time in any state.

Family in living room watching TV
Catherine Yeulet

Add another hour for those in Pennsylvania and nearly two for New Yorkers.

Kitchen and dining room

On average, you're probably spending about 100 minutes a week in your kitchen and dining room. You know all of those times you grab something to eat and run out the door? That's why that time isn't too large. And those times are pretty close to what those in neighboring states do, too.


If you have a home office (or a room that you consider to be a home office but you don't use it much), the hard-working people of New Jersey are in there just under 3 hours per week.



And then there's the amount of time the average Garden Stater spends in the bathroom each week.

It's the most amount of time out of all 50 states: a whopping one hour and 38 minutes.

Yes, you, on average, probably spend as much time in the bathroom at your house each week as you do in your kitchen or dining room.

As for why we have so much potty time, one word: multitasking.


If you have ever answered work emails, scrolled through Facebook or TikTok, or found yourself watching a YouTube video while sitting on the toilet, you know how much time can go by so quickly.

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