While Hurricane Lee passed New Jersey several hundred miles offshore on Friday, its impacts on the Jersey Shore were clearly visible.

Had you looked out of your window, you would have never known there was a massive hurricane not too far away. Friday was a gorgeous day with sunny skies, a light breeze, and temperatures in the 70s.

However, if you were on any beach or boardwalk in the Garden State, it was a completely different story.

Massive waves battered the shore, causing beach erosion.

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Of course, those huge waves, easily exceeding six to eight feet, brought out practically every surfer in the area.

Case in point, check out this surfer -- compare his height to the height of that wave. Insane!

Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman

The beaches in Ocean City Friday evening were loaded with surfers and just about all of them were exhausted.

While the waves were perfect for surfing, the water was extremely rough and many commented about how the ocean was beating them up the entire time they were out there.

Hurricane Lee Brings Huge Waves to Ocean City