Have you noticed any lawns throughout the Great Garden State that seem a bit hairy lately? That could very well be on purpose.

May is referred to as No Mow May, and for good reason. Because it's the time of year when animals and insects are coming back to life after a long winter, the No Mow May campaign is meant to bring awareness to the natural pollination factors that exist within your lawn.

Dandelions, in particular, are one such example. It may not seem like much, but letting things like dandelions grow in on your lawn is actually very beneficial to insects such as bees.

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The honeybee especially benefits from it. By not mowing your lawn for an entire month, it gives pollinators such as the honeybee a much-needed food source when not much else is available early in the season.

It's a great campaign that many throughout the Great Garden State should partake in. However, it's pointless to do if your lawn is anything like this.

Green grass on sunny meadow morning sparkling dew water drops

Sprays & Pesticides

If you're a home or business owner that uses chemicals such as sprays to control weeds, or pesticides to control insects, then this campaign isn't for you. Simply put, your lawn will not benefit pollinators such as the honeybee in any way by letting it grow.

Although dandelions are considered weeds, they're a major part of the food chain for many animals and insects early on in the season. That, and so many other flowers that might also grow that you typically wouldn't find in a treated lawn.

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On the one hand, the yard is much greener. But on the other, your lawn will be void of such critters regardless if you let it grow or not, so you mine as well mow if you so desire.


Dandelions and insects

If your lawn is untreated, then this campaign is for you. Yes, it'll attract more bees, butterflies, and other insects and animals to your yard, but that's the whole point.

It simply helps them get a good start for the summer ahead. So if you have an untreated lawn, just keep that mower away until the first of June (and don't worry, no giant insects such as the ones below will invade).

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The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 Sunday morning host Mike Brant. Any opinions expressed are his own.