Out of anywhere in the world, there's no better place for food than right here in New Jersey. Go ahead, try to name someplace better.

Well OK, maybe for certain items places other than New Jersey might be better. But when you look at the overall picture of everything the Great Garden State has to offer, we're far superior for foodies than anywhere else.

And there are so many factors that go into making us the best. Aside from being home to pork roll and saltwater taffy, We have more diners here than anywhere else in the world.

Some of which still operate 24 hours a day. Here's a look at just a few of those.

NJ Diners that are open 24/7

Hours as of September 2023.

Gallery Credit: Jordan Jansson, Mike Brant

You get the idea. There's a reason why New Jersey, as a whole, is one of the best foodie places in the world.

However, when it comes to individual cities, the narrative changes. Although New Jersey is represented on this national list of cities, far too many other locations ranked above us.

In fact, the number one foodie city on this list is kind of an insult to New Jersey eateries everywhere. There's no way these places are better than us. At least, not when it comes to quality.

But when it comes to cost, that's a different story. And it's one of the areas that brought our scores down.


With that said, here's a look at the top 100 cities across the country considered the best foodie hot spots. New Jersey represents twice, but see if you agree with number one. Also, feel free to share in the comments where you feel which New Jersey location is the ultimate best for foodies.

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11 things that make a New Jersey diner a real diner

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