🌈 Boonton's Town Council will only allow U.S. and military branch flags at town hall

🌈 It reverses an application process approved in 2023

🌈 Supporters of Pride flags are drawing them on sidewalks

BOONTON — Chalk Pride flags are OK outside town hall but real ones are not following a vote by the town council.

Boonton's town council adopted an ordinance in December that allowed groups to request permission to fly their organization's flag on the single pole at town hall along with the existing American and POW flags.

After Boonton Rainbow Pride applied to fly a Pride flag in June in honor of Pride Month,  they were told that Councilman Daniel Balan would introduce a revised ordinance to disallow flags other than those of the township, county, state and branches of the U.S. military.  The ordinance also does not allow flags to be flown by presidential proclamation.

"Town-owned flag poles are not intended to serve as a forum for free expression by
the public and are for official purposes set forth herein," the proposed ordinance says.

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Pride supporters say there's no agenda

By a vote of 6-3, the council adopted the new ordinance.

"LGBTQIA people are not trying to enact any agenda on anyone, as much as that false narrative is propagated. They're just trying to live in an America where they aren't afraid to be themselves in public,"  a resident named Jennifer said.

But a resident named Brian said that all groups are represented sufficiently by the American flag.

"We have one flag pole. One flag that represents everybody," Brian said. "We all need to come together. I don't care what side you're on. Black, blue, purple, orange, red, green. I have neighbors who are gay. I support you guys.  But the flag has to represent everybody."

Boonton Rainbow Pride is trying to cover the sidewalks in Boonton with chalk as part of a movement called Rainbow Main Street.  The group is also encouraging residents to fly the Pride flag at their own home or to purchase a lawn sign, wind sock or flag.

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