🔴 A woman is charged with assault by auto

🔴 Victims including two kids were taken to the hospital

🔴 She was intoxicated but had not been drinking, a report said

NATIONAL PARK — A West Deptford woman has been arrested after she hit four people in a crosswalk with her car, according to police.

Lanielle Phelps, 41, was taken to Salem County jail on Thursday.

She was charged with driving while intoxicated, child endangerment, and four counts of assault by auto, West Deptford police said.

Around 8:38 a.m. Thursday morning, officers were called to the intersection of Hessian and Grove Avenues in National Park. The area is one block away from National Park Elementary school.

They found that two children, an adult woman, and a crossing guard had been hit by a vehicle.

(Google Maps/Canva)
(Google Maps/Canva)

Investigators found they had been hit while crossing within a crosswalk at the intersection. All four victims were taken to Cooper University Hospital in Camden.

The woman and a girl were released from the hospital, Police Chief John Chambers said to NJ.com.

The crossing guard and the other child, a boy, were still at the hospital in stable condition as of noon Friday, according to the report.

Driver in West Deptford crash not drunk

A criminal complaint said that Phelps took a breathalyzer test at the scene and her BAC was measured at 0.00%, NJ.com reported.

However, she admitted to police that she had taken prescription medication before driving that morning, according to the report.

Police also said that Phelps was not on her cell phone and had a child in her vehicle at the time of the crash.



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