A New Jersey man accused of bullying his son because he thought he was fat, forcing him to run and fall repeatedly on a fast treadmill, has been found guilty of killing the 6-year-old.

An Ocean County jury on Friday delivered the guilty verdict against Christopher Gregor, 32, of Monroe.

After a six-week trial that was covered by Court TV, the jury acquitted Gregor of murder but found him guilty of aggravated manslaughter and child endangerment. Gregor faces up to 30 years in prison when he is sentenced Aug. 2 in Superior Court in Toms River.

“Christopher Gregor must live the rest of his life with the knowledge that he, and he alone, was responsible for the death of his one and only son. It is right and just that he bears that cross," Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer said after the verdict.

"While nothing can bring this precious child back to his family, we hope that today’s jury verdict offers some semblance of peace and closure for those who knew and loved Corey. At long last, justice for Corey has been accomplished."

Christopher Gregor in court, video of treadmill incident in March 2021 (Asbury Park Press, Court TV via Youtube)
Christopher Gregor in court, video of treadmill incident in March 2021 (Asbury Park Press, Court TV via Youtube)

Death eventually ruled a homicide

Gregor came into the life of his son just a year before his death, gaining custody of Corey Micciolo because his mother was dealing with drug addiction.

The little time Corey spent with his father was torturous, officials said, with both sides of his family filing 14 child abuse reports alternately accusing Corey's mother and father of harmful behavior.

Corey was taken to Southern Ocean Medical Center on April 2, 2021, where he was pronounced dead. An autopsy a day later determined he had died from blunt force trauma.

A more detailed autopsy later determined he had died from "blunt impact injuries of the chest and abdomen with laceration of the heart, left pulmonary contusion and contusion of the liver," and that the death was a result of a homicide.

Christopher Gregor (Ocean County Prosecutor's Office)
(Ocean County Prosecutor's Office)

Immediately after his son's death, Gregor fled the state and ditched his car in Tennessee. After police found him, investigators said they discovered suspicious internet searches that included asking if “there was a murder determined from an autopsy, how long to file charges.”

Prosecutors initially charged Gregor in July 2021 with child abuse related to a surveillance video showing the treadmill torture. A year later, following the new autopsy, they arrested him and charged him with murder.

During the trial, however, the prosecution and defense pointed out that Corey had not died as a result of the treadmill. The defense argued that the boy had died of natural causes, according to coverage of the trial by the Asbury Park Press.

Gregor's attorney said the verdict will be appealed.

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