🌉 Glimmer Glass Bridge needs pricey repairs again

🌉 Officials hope to reopen for July 4 weekend

🌉 Replacement could cost $30 million

MANASQUAN — A historic drawbridge in Monmouth County needs $100,000 worth of repairs to reopen safely and should be replaced, according to officials.

The Glimmer Glass Bridge between Brielle and Manasquan was closed on Friday to vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists after a routine inspection found serious issues.

Emergency repairs were needed, including to the bridge's steel stringers that support the deck on the movable span. The wooden bridge, which dates back to 1898, is the only one of its kind in New Jersey.

Officials are hoping repairs can be completed before the July 4 holiday weekend. To meet that deadline, the navigation channel will be closed to boaters Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

However, County Commissioner Director Thomas Arnorne said it's time to replace the bridge even after these repairs are made. In a statement on behalf of the other commissioners, Arnone said the historic bridge is old and unreliable.

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Glimmer Glass Bridge in Manasquan (Google Maps)
Glimmer Glass Bridge in Manasquan (Google Maps)

"In order to ensure the continuous safe operation of this structure for vehicular, pedestrian, and marine traffic, it is time to replace the bridge in its entirety," said Arnone.

Replacing the Glimmer Glass Bridge

A debate over whether to replace the Glimmer Glass Bridge has raged on for years. Preservationists would rather spend money rehabilitating the historic bridge.

But Arnone said the constant issues with the bridge's maintenance make it a big inconvenience to residents and visitors.

Replacing the bridge would cost an estimated $30 million, according to Arnone. That includes two to three years of work to design the new bridge.

Arnone said officials would work with the DEP's State Historic Preservation Office "to implement historic mitigation measures."

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