🔴 More marine mammals have stranded on New Jersey beaches

🔴 Some remains were badly decomposed when they were found

🔴 Gov. Phil Murphy and the DEP say there is no connection to wind project work

The Marine Mammal Stranding Center reports three more dolphin and porpoise strandings in the past week at Jersey Shore beaches.

One of the most recent strandings was a sub-adult porpoise in Seaside Park on May 24. It was in the advanced stages of decomposition and moderately scavenged or consumed by other animals, according to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center. Its pectoral fins were skeletonized and its head was missing. The Department of Public Works removed the remains.

An adult bottlenose dolphin was found in the Goshen section of Middle Township on May 28. It was moderately decomposed and left on the beach to decompose naturally.

A second bottlenose dolphin, a dependent female calf, was found in the North Beach section of Long Beach on Monday. The MMSC will perform a necropsy.

At least 36 dolphins have been founded stranded since December on New Jersey beaches.

36 stranded dolphins at Jersey Shore beaches
36 stranded dolphins at Jersey Shore beaches (Canva)

No move to pause work

The stranding center did not disclose details of how the latest strandings were found or their exact location.

The strandings come after two whales were found floating off Raritan Bay and Long Island. The cause of death was determined by the NOAA Fisheries New England/Mid-Atlantic to be the result of a vessel strike.

Some environmental groups and Republican lawmakers have called upon Gov. Phil Murphy to declare a 60 to 90 day moratorium on work on offshore wind projects to investigate a link to the recent deaths of the sea life.

Murphy has said there is no evidence linking the work to the deaths and has declined the moratorium. Supporters of wind energy accuse those calling for the moratorium of being opposed to wind energy.

The New Jersey Wind Works Coalition is holding an Offshore Wind and Clean Energy Rally on The Great Lawn at Beachfront North in Long Branch Saturday. The event will offer education about offshore projects and climate change along with speeches by New Jersey DEP Commissioner Shawn LaTourette, Danielle Holland from Greenpeace and former state Sen. Steve Sweeney.

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