Ah fitted sheets, there's not a more frustrating laundry item. Whether you're trying to fit them on your bed, or fold them up for later, it never goes how it should. Well, that all ends now because we've discovered the perfect way to fold that pesky sheet.

We've all wrestled with trying to get those fitted sheets folded in a way that isn't just a ball. And we've failed. FINALLY, someone has broke down how to fold these things in a way that's in line with the rest of our linens.

This is a life hack that you'll wish you knew sooner.

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How to Properly Fold a Fitted Sheet

It's actually quite simple. First off, lay it out (scrunched side up.) Put a hand in each of the bottom two corners and flip those into the top two corners until you have a rectangle. Then, bring in the long sides and fold in the short. On the last fold, tuck one side into the other for a perfect fit.

One TikToker, showcases this simple trick in the video below.

How did we not know this before!? Well, we're sure glad we do now. Now that we know how to store it, let's also talk about how to actually get them on the bed. We've all done the corner pull dance to try and get that sucker on. Thankfully, there's a trick for this too!

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How to Easily Get A Fitted Sheet on Your Bed

Many hack videos like this one say to put the tag of the sheet on the bottom right corner of the mattress. From there, pull the top left corner over and the rest is a breeze.

Now you're ready to handle bedding like a boss. You're welcome.

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